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3 Bedroom Casas

10 Guests 2,900 Square Feet 3 Bedroom 3.5 Bathroom

Set in the jungle hillside above Tulemar Beach, our Tulemar Three Bedroom Casas offer extensive views of one of Costa Rica’s most spectacular coastlines. Wait until you see the sunsets!

These 3-story, 3-bedroom octagonal villas share the same luxuries as their 2-bedroom counterparts including fully equipped gourmet kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, 8-foot bi-fold doors that open to your private verandah with hot tub, stunning ocean views and more.

These Casas are ideal if you’re traveling with family or friends and perfectly blend villa living with resort convenience. You’ll have your own private space to experience the beauty of Costa Rica while enjoying Tulemar Resort’s world-class amenities and service.

3 Bedroom Casas3 Bedroom Casas
1. Aerial1. Aerial
3. Entrance3. Entrance
4. Patio table4. Patio table
5. Hot tub5. Hot tub
6. Patio chairs6. Patio chairs
7. Living room7. Living room
8. Kitchen8. Kitchen
9. Master Bedroom9. Master Bedroom
10. Bedroom #210. Bedroom #2
11. Bedroom #311. Bedroom #3
12. Premium Villa Shower12. Premium Villa Shower
13. Bathroom13. Bathroom
14. TV Nook14. TV Nook


High Season

Jan 3 – Apr 8
Apr 18 – Apr 30
Nov 22 – Dec 20

Green Season

May 1 – Nov 21

Holiday Season

Apr 9 – Apr 17
Dec 21 – Jan 2, 2023
$875 $725 $1,370

Terms & Conditions

Rates include up to 10 guests. Unit can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests.
$30 for each additional adult (individuals 11 and older) per unit, plus 13% VAT and 4.5% Tulemar Fee.
View our reservation and cancellation policies.