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Casa Heliconia

10 Guests 2900 Square Feet 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom

Casa Heliconia is a 3-bedroom fully renovated Casa, overlooking the Jungle Hillside and Tulemar Beach. It offers amazing extensive views of Costa Rica’s Jungle and Coastline.

Enjoy all the luxuries this beautifully renovated and decorated 3-story, 3-bedroom Casa has to offer. It is equipped with a gourmet kitchen, and all the comforts of modern living nestled in a natural background. An 8-foot bi-fold door opens between the living area and veranda, harmonizing indoor and outdoor living.

Perfectly merging private villa living with resort conveniences, these Casas are ideal if you’re traveling with family, a tour group, or as a group of wedding guests. You’ll have your own private space while also experiencing the wonder and beauty of Costa Rica and Tulemar Gardens under the same roof as your friends.

1. Hot tub1. Hot tub
2. Patio2. Patio
3. Living-area3. Living-area
4. Kitchen4. Kitchen
5. Bed15. Bed1
6. Bath16. Bath1
7. Shower17. Shower1
8. Bed28. Bed2
9. Bath29. Bath2
10. Bed310. Bed3
11. Bath311. Bath3


High Season

JAN.3 TO APR.8 APR.18 TO APR.30 NOV.22 TO DEC.20

Green Season


Holiday Season

APR.9 TO APR.17 DEC.21 TO JAN.2, 2023
$875 $725 $1,370

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